Old Westbury Oral History Project

Education—Full Partnership: The 1966 Master Plan envisaged, “Admit[ting] students to full partnership in the academic world and grant[ing] them the right to determine, in large measure, their own areas of study and research.” This aspect of the mandate became the flashpoint for conflict between students, faculty and administrators. For some, “full partnership” involved students in every aspect of college governance and administration—from developing courses, to grading, to determining faculty hires, to delineating the college curricula. For others, students would have a contributing, but not a determinative voice, in such questions.

Groovin’ in the Grass

Carlos Russell

The Debate Raged for a Long Time

Francis Koster

It Was Called Pamphleteering

Elizabeth Ewen

You Have to Get Clear on That
Right Away

Francis Koster

A Coup Against Harris

Carlos Russell

Outside the Classroom: Informality

Samuel von Winbush