Old Westbury Oral History Project

Highlights: Sample the richness of Experiments: Old Westbury Oral History Project digital archive. Participants discuss More […]

College Origins: Leaders at the State University of New York first envisioned the College at Old Westbury in 1964, and articulated More […]

Personal Roots: A college community and culture develops out of the individuals who are part of that community. Here, participants explain More […]

The Times: The College first opened its doors in 1968, as the U.S. and many other
developed nations experienced great cultural and political More […]

Social Activism: Many at the College at Old Westbury shared a resolve to build a more just community and nation, and saw the college More […]

Education—Curricula: Faculty, students and administrators here describe some of the debates and complications of developing first More […]

Education—Tradition: The College’s first president, Harris Wofford, believed deeply in a traditional Great Books curricula enlivened by More […]

Education—Full Partnership: The 1966 Master Plan envisaged, “Admit[ting] students to full partnership in the academic world and grant[ing] them the right to More […]

Inclusivity: The 1966 Master Plan did not articulate a commitment to diversity—though Harris Wofford, the first president, imagined More […]

Meditations on Old Westbury: In this section faculty, students, and administrators
reflect upon the knowledge gained and questions provoked
by More […]